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Tami discovered her love for creating unique designs while pursuing a degree in Interior Design after relocating to Fort Myers at the age of 22. Her eye for detail and impressive skill set enables her to capture and produce clear and simple images that highlight each property’s unique offerings. Tami Lynn Creations brings an impressive skill set stemming from a broad range of experience and education. Tami understands the real estate market in SWFL is unlike any other in the county, with the majority of homebuyers located out of state. They often are placing offers on properties simply based off of the listing photographs and this is where Tami Lynn Creations can make your listing a top contender amongst other properties. With each new project, the main goal is to capture the buyer’s attention, and produce photos that help a property sell for top dollar. 


Professional Services

Modern Bathroom

Professional photography is proven to help sell your listings and build your brand as a realtor. Our goal is to highlight and capture the best of what your listing has to offer a potential buyer.

Roof Garden

Aerial images offer an amazing perspective of your listing and the surrounding area. It can highlight the proximity to beaches, the lot size, pools, and other major selling points. Tami Lynn Creations is FAA 107 certified and compliant.

Screen Shot 2021-10-21 at 11.00.58 AM.png

Quickly capture your listing in its best light, providing an immersive and engaging on-line experience for home buyers. Every iGuide includes floor plans, room measurements, area calculations, and a 3D immersive tour.

Roof Garden

Videography is the most dramatic way to showcase your property. Video is compiled of 4K quality clips of the interior, exterior, and aerial views.


Professional Services

James Beach Close up.jpg

First impressions are important and clients are more confident when they can connect a face with your voice. Tami Lynn Creations will capture your personality in a professional session catered to you.

Modern Architecture

We are always looking to add new services to our clients. Please reach out if you have a suggestion.


Past Projects

Client 3

Eagle Ridge

This client was very precise regarding the photos they wanted taken. Following an initial phone conversation, Tami Lynn Creations understood their particular style preferences and was happy to provide them with the images they wanted.

Client 5

Customer Service 

This realtor had a client that was uneasy and needed extra reassurance, they hired Tami Lynn Creations to take care of all the photographs. The outcome was better than expected, and they’ve been working together ever since.

Client 6

Tight Deadlines

Above all else, working with this client was a great learning experience for Tami Lynn Creations. The biggest challenge was meeting this client’s strict deadlines as well as making sure to deliver a high quality product.


Fort Myers, FL, USA

(239) 989-9221

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